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Flipkart, Dentsu Webchutney equal election day to 'equals day'

02 May 2019

Popular happenings provide opportunities for brands and the general elections are no exception. In its election special ad campaign e-commerce brand flipkart has equalled elections to equality and projects voting as something that puts us all on an plain ground. The ad agency Dentsu Webchutney crafted an 'equals day' out of the election day. It is a continuation of Flipkart's brand charter of 'Naye India ke saath'.

Election season is a time when the country is divided into 'us' vs. 'them'. When passionate conversations turn into heated exchanges and our differences rear their head like never before. Flipkart's #EqualsDay ad asks us to change the way we show our inked finger.

It is interesting to note how the ad is urging voters to tilt their inked fingers and form the equals (=) symbol instead of common way of just brandising fingers in selfie-like photos.

This idea came into force by virtue of Article 326, Universal Adult Franchise (UAF) written in our constitution - each adult has the right to one vote irrespective of an adult's caste, colour, religion or gender. This makes us equal with each other on the day of Election.

In a press release, Apuarv Sethi, director- Brand Marketing, Flipkart, says, "This is a truly secular narrative that we are proud to weave in the fabric of the country. Through the course of the elections, we will see Flipkart bring this festival alive in different ways."

P.G Aditya, executive creative director, Dentsu Webchutney says, "From India's very first election, back in 1950, the right to vote was given to every adult, regardless of caste, colour, religion or gender - known as the Universal Adult Franchise (UAF). When we remember the vote counts because it counts all of us as one.. we realise it's not just the means to an end... but an end in itself. A day where we're all equal, stripped off our differences. As one vote and one vote only."