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Here’s How Misspelt Words on Amazon Resulted in Racold Sales Rising by 200% | WATConsult

14 Mar 2019

At one point in time you may have come across images of sign boards or menus from various parts of India with misspelt words such as ‘Visitable Juice’, ‘Baty Parler’, and many more. This must have given you a good laugh and you may have even shared it on social media. However, if you continue reading this story you will learn a lesson or two about why you need to stop laughing and take a few notes on where you are going wrong with your SEO. 

Everyone knows how important keywords play in terms of getting you ranked online. While every brand uses it, very few know how to make the best use of it. Racold, water heaters from the house of Ariston Thermo, had launched a campaign that finally pays some heed to a set of customers who were struggling to find the right product on e-commerce websites all this while. 

The brand reached out to Ecommencify, WATConsult’s E-Commerce vertical team, with a simple goal of growing its sales. “The brief was very simple. The client wanted to increase sales of Racold water heaters on Amazon with minimum spends and thereby receive maximum returns. This on a regular scenario is a search ad campaign brief that all agencies and clients work on using some best practices,” shared Provit Chemmani, Lead - Ecommencify, WATConsult.


But the agency stumbled upon an idea that helped Racold garner a return on investment of 16 times. So how did they accomplish this task? What if I told that mistakes in words spelled was a key to it? It may be unbelievable, but that is exactly what happened. 

It was observed that customers, especially from tier 2 and 3 towns, speak in a certain local dialect and thus their literal pronunciations of English words sound different. As a result, customers also type as they speak which often leads to spelling mistakes.

They created a unique campaign using wrongly spelled keywords; like the word ‘Geyser’ which was often misspelled into multiple variations like ‘Gijar’, ‘Geezar’, 'Geezara" etc. More than 526 misspelled keywords were used to fulfil this additional demand of greater than 3.5 million searches over a quarter. 


This was a much needed campaign considering that the Indian e-commerce market is pegged to reach $200 billion by 2026, as per IBEF and major chunk comes from tier 2 and tier 3 cities, which is Racold’s primary target.

The Big Idea
India is home to 22 different languages and according to BBC News, only 10% of the population speaks English. Maggi often becomes Meggi, Gents is Jents, Geyser is Gehser, and break is brake. It gets harder with homophones. Retail stores in India face the same problem. 

With e-commerce now casting its net wider and targeting people beyond tier 1 cities, it is high time to realise that Indians type as they speak. 

Indian marketing landscape has not really paid attention to this group of audience, whose first language is not English or Hindi and they make a larger part of India. However, 2019 is the year of localization and understanding audience beyond demographics and Recold realized the same. 

Return on Investment
The alterations of keywords resulted in a return on the actual spend of 16X and the team inserted these keywords into each and every product listing on Amazon (through catalog keywords insertion activity) ensuring long term benefits for Racold.

“We clocked 16X return on investment which was much higher than an average industry benchmark of around 6X. Actual numbers cannot be shared due to client-agency confidentiality privilege,” shared Chemmani proudly. 

But what took us so long?
“On Google, it's a common practice to include spelling mistakes as a part of the keyword list. But not many have explored the same on Amazon. Presumably so, because the incremental results have never been exponential on either of the platforms. What worked for us was:

1) Additional searches happening for geyser miss-spellings was very high (especially in tier 2-3 markets)
2) We have access to tools to understand the trend of avg. monthly searches happening on miss-spellings on Amazon thus we could plan better
3) As we had the first mover advantage on Amazon, the bids/CPCs for top positions were very low

All in all, we pushed ourselves to think outside the box and bet media monies on this hunch which resulted in the overwhelming response in sales,” answers Chemmani. 

With tier-2 and tier-3 areas finally getting some attention in the marketing plans, we hope other brands will follow Racold and WATConsult’s footsteps.