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#Recap2018: The Year Saw Advent of Newer Marketing Platforms: Debanjan Basak, Dentsu Impact

14 Jan 2019

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AdAge India spoke to Debanjan Basak, Creative Director, Dentsu Impact to understand his take on advertising highlights for the past year. Scroll down to read the full article or click on the link below.

Advertising is one of the most vibrant industries in India with never a dull day. The industry is growing in leaps and bounds and with advertising expenditure across mediums constantly on a rise. While a large number of markets are already seeing a saturation and the ad-ex has stagnated, India is at the cusp of a massive revolution with digital making inroads and brands looking to go beyond urban markets. Both these factors taken into account open countless opportunities for the industry. It is difficult to ascertain what will be the adex when Indian market gets saturated. 

As we approach the end of 2018, we look back into how the advertising industry fared in the year in terms of campaigns, advertising expenditure, expectations and predictions for the forthcoming year. There is no doubt that 2018 has been extremely vibrant with several global developments like #MeToo, Piyush Pandey taking reins of Ogilvy Worldwide’s Creative Leadership, Strong Run at Cannes and several path breaking campaigns. 

AdAge India spoke to several advertising industry personnel and rising stars at the agencies to know more about how the industry did in 2018. Here is what Debanjan Basak, Creative Director, Dentsu Creative Impact, thinks about the year gone by.

Q. Which was your favourite ad in 2018 and why?
A multitude of ads get created every year. Each one with a specific message, each tailored for a medium (TV, Digital, Print, Outdoor) and each of them unique. In this regard, you’ve really got to ask yourself which is the most memorable and enjoyable. The one that really stuck with you, yet delivered the message it was supposed to. My pick for 2018 would be the Swiggy – What a Delivery series of TVCs which ran during IPL. It had the right amount of quirk, each of the situations were extremely relatable, the ads itself were contextual (to IPL) and yet each delivered the message home perfectly. The films were crafted well, the messaging was concise and did not overburden the consumer with information. 

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Q. According to you, what was the most interesting thing that happened in Indian advertising industry in 2018?
India winning 2 Grand Prix at Cannes 2018 was a great thing to have happened. Also, Piyush Pandey being appointed as the global CCO for O&M is definitely one of the biggest news for the industry. The man continues to make India proud and inspire us.

Q. How do you think Indian advertising industry did in 2018, in terms of spends, creatives, awards and controversies?
Advertising like most industries is diversifying. TV, Print and Radio are not the only mediums available today to advertisers. DigitalMarketing is on the rise and advertisers are today making full usage of digital media in terms of search engines, social media platforms and digital technologies. UX Design and the importance of it another aspect which has grabbed the attention of advertisers. Today it’s all about interacting and creating a bond with the consumer, and hence, the advent of newer marketing platforms.

In terms of creatives and awards, quite a few campaigns have made themselves heard this year. India bought home 21 metals and 2 Grand Prix from Cannes 2018, which is a great thing. The Sindoor Khela Campaign is a great example of the same. As far as controversies are concerned, this year the #metoo movement did rile up the industry to a large extent. Thankfully Dentsu Aegis Network has a Women’s Council that looks into such matters. There’s a proper process put into place and sessions on sexual harassment at theworkplace are already being conducted. 

According to you, which were the top 5 spending categories in 2018?
FMCG is a category that has always been advertising led and would therefore, perhaps always remains high on ad spends. What’s interesting to note however, is the increase in ad spends for the ecommerce category. From brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Zomato, Swiggy, etc. are now using all mediums to create communication and have heavily increased their ad spends. The other categories that were high on ad spends were the automobile category, telecom and handset manufacturers such as Samsung, VIVO, OPPO, etc. 

What are your predictions for 2019: - Top five categories of ad spends?
Automobile, telecom, ecommerce, FMCG and handset manufacturers will continue to be the top 5 ad spenders.