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New Innovation by Dentsu Webchutney and Jaslok Hospital UNLIKES your Likes

23 Aug 2018

The Instagram campaign for organ donation that will reject your ‘likes’

The campaign is designed to encourage organ donation in India with the aim of highlighting the pointless act of liking a post while thousands of people die due to apathy.

The Instagram campaign questions the “prevalent slacktivism” and encourages users to take action and become a donor.

It has been created for National Organ Donation Day in collaboration with Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre. The hospital said numerous previous initiatives to encourage Indians to donate organs have failed.

“We have been taking many steps to encourage people to pledge their organs. This time, we wanted to do something that would appeal to the audience while putting our point across,” said Jaslok Hospital and Research Center COO and CMO George Alex.

The Instagram campaign features six posts that will unlike any likes they receive.

Dentsu Webchutney chief creative officer and co-founder Sudesh Samaria said: “It is an unfortunate situation and we wanted to create a hard-hitting campaign that would present the truth and encourage people to pledge their organs. The un-likeable posts campaign is antithesis to social media and shows people that real world problems can only be solved with real action.”

Chief creative technologist Gurbaksh Singh added: “We created posts that people would want to like because they look beautiful but the posts are not looking for likes but for your pledge to be an organ donor. It is one more example of our belief in the power of innovation.”