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You need to sit down for this The directors' showcase, Cannes 2018

22 Jun 2018

There’s a lot one can write, and write home about, when one is writing from Cannes. Sessions. Work displayed. Euros lost in translation. You name it. But the part of Cannes that’s blown me over, or effectively at least displaced me for two years in a row, has been the directors’ showcase

Directors’ Showcase is a curated collection of the best work of up-and-coming directors who are bound to go places. Breathtaking music videos, rib-tickling short films, excellence in visual and audio craft, and the newest formats in storytelling- showcased on one of the biggest screens for two hours straight. 

This year’s curator was Ridley Scott

You’d remember him from Gladiator and forget him from Exodus. But there are few directors who’ve mastered a brand of both visual and character-centric storytelling like Scott has. His range goes from science fiction (Blade Runner, Alien to recently- The Martian) to epic war and mythology (Gladiator, Kingdom of HeavenRobin Hood and Exodus) to just… kicks (Hannibal, I guess).