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The age of ‘Chai-Fi’ is upon us, via Dentsu Webchutney’s campaign for Chakra Tea in India

04 Jul 2018

Chakra Tea has supplied workers in India with 50 kettles that convert the energy from the boiling process into power enabling wi-fi connectivity, so that they can connect online while on work breaks.

Digital agency Dentsu Webchutney is responsible for the ‘Chai-Fi’ initiative. The agency said it was “not a big budget marketing campaign but a guerrilla one”.

Co-founder and chief creative officer at the agency Sudesh Samaria explained the concept: “Tea is such an integral part of our lives that it is difficult to think of it in a new light.

“Our team identified an opportunity to make these tea-breaks even more refreshing, by creating a kettle that generates wi-fi when heated.”

Meanwhile, Chakra Tea managing director Priyank Khandelwal welcomed the approach from the agency. “The category is dominated by big names,” he said.

“For a brand like us to stand out, innovation is critical. Chai-Fi is one such innovation. It brings joy into people’s lives while opening up a world of possibilities.”

And Dentsu Webchutney chief creative technologist Gurbaksh Singh added: “Technology can solve all our problems, big or small. This is a simple yet innovative idea that combines the trend of free wi-fi with the human desire for information and entertainment.”


Chief creative officer: Sudesh Samaria

Chief creative technologist: Gurbaksh Singh

Creative directors: Manjeet Singh and Vishal Sagar

Senior art director: Sachin Kumar

Associate art director: Purwa Chauhan

Associate creative director: Hemant Kumar

Production: Akshay Raheja and Sumantra Talukdar