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Bajaj Allianz Takes the #Unplanned for Their Latest Campaign

11 Jun 2018

Summer vacations have hit, schools have concluded and families are packing their bags. They’re all buckling up to travel after months of planning and struggling between potential destinations.

Lately a lot of brands have started engaging with the audience riding on the topicality of summer vacations. The most recent of those campaigns is #Unplanned by Bajaj Allianz. It essentially advertises its travel insurance product. The campaign was conceptualised by WATConsult (social and digital media agency from Dentsu Aegis Network), with a purpose to stand out from from the cluttered general Insurance industry.

The 48 Hours ChallengeIf advertising executives think their client is being unreasonable with the deadlines, think again. The #Unplanned campaign was conceptualised in less than 48 hours by the agency after receiving the brief with the shortest deadline possible. The agency took up the challenge and went with an “unplanned” route to do the campaign.

Speaking about this Sahil Siddiqui, AVP - Creative Strategy, WATConsult said, “The campaign output which you see is not what the brief that had originally come from the client. They wanted to do something new for travel insurance and it had to be done under 48 hours,” he says

The video garnered 1.2 million views on facebook at the time of going for edit.

“From the outside, it looks very fun but once you are in it, it is a very painful process,” he says

The team knew there will be last minute situations surfacing on the sets. With a campaign like this, the risk of occurrence was even more.

Support within the agency and different teams like production, creative and client servicing had to be in sync and seamless to do campaigns on with such thin timelines.

Why Take the #Unplanned Route?
The starting point for the agency was a market insight that travellers do not consider travel insurance while planning for their trips outside India.

“The motivation behind doing the campaign was to get noticed and educate people about the product features of travel insurance that are being offered by the client,” says Sahil.

For Bajaj Allianz, all the campaigns being run by their competitors were either speaking of the lifecycle, switching back and forth between present, past and future or pegged around family, respect for life and emotions. The brand stands at the forefront of changing this tonality in the industry to set itself apart from competitor brands, focussing on product features.

Clients are often skeptical about shoots and approve of production creatives with proper groundwork and planning. Luckily for WATConsult, Bajaj Allianz was onboard in full support to do a campaign like this.

“We knew we had won half the battle there. Next half was to be won with a strong creative in place. We zeroed on the #Unplanned idea and wanted the output to come out as organically as possible in the final campaign as well,” added Sahil

Indian travel industry insights
In 2017-18, the Indian travel insurance market was around Rs 700 crore compared to Rs 1.2 lakh crore general Insurance industry. While the travel industry is growing at 22%, the travel insurance industry is clocking an 18% growth rate. Penetration of travel insurance overall is still at 17% in India and constitutes less than 1% of the global market.

Chandramohan Mehra, Chief Marketing Office, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance said, “People seem to opt for travel insurance mostly for Schengen (European Visa) and US travel, because it is compulsory. We want people to opt for travel insurance because of the immense value it provides. Currently, we are amongst the top 3 travel insurers. However, as a leader in general insurance category, we see our role expanding the travel insurance market.”

The general insurance industry is very fragmented from a product point of view. Various brands have similar products with very little differentiation. Most customers do not know which product to buy, because they all look the same.

Plan to Maximise Engagement 
The agency targeted a mix of audience through the agency life video, the main campaign video and a contest on Bajaj Allianz’s social media handles. The brand will be experimenting with content formats, exploring collaboration opportunities with travel bloggers and conducting Facebook and Instagram live activities along with influencers to maximise engagement and build a meaningful connect with the brand.

The agency will be measuring the success rate through the engagement rates across social media platforms and has also been doing an extensive ORM exercise compared to all the other campaigns that have been run in the past.

On being asked if the brand will be pushing the digital campaign to traditional platforms as well, Chandramohan replied, “We have been at forefront of digital innovations in terms of product and service delivery for several years now. Digital is traditional to us now.”

It was the first time the agency was doing an impromptu campaign like this and has witnessed a confidence from other internal clients to do campaigns like this. Sahil is confident that more brands will be pushing the boundaries in coming months and taking the experimental route to make disruptive campaigns to stand out and get noticed.

(This article is written by Kshitiz Gupta, an executive working at AdAge India)