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Dentsu Webchutney Sends Three Scalable Ideas To Cannes Lions 2018

22 May 2018

Dentsu Webchutney is nominating three campaigns to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in 2018. They are: Project Re-Search: Beyond The Blue Whale Challenge, The Progressive Report Card and #PenguinDads for Flipkart. 

The digital agency, which is part of the Dentsu Aegis Network, has already won many accolades this year, sweeping awards at The Abbys. The agency emerged as the Digital and Mobile Specialist of the year winning four gold, 9 silver and 10 bronze metals. 

The reason the agency has chosen these three campaigns for the Cannes award festival is because “all the three ideas are highly scalable,” said PG Aditya, Senior Creative Director, Dentsu Webchutney.

Speaking in particular about the Progressive Report Card campaign, Aditya said it is unique because “it is a universal idea. For a large part of the world that writes from left to right and represents the report card in a tabular form, this circular report card would be applicable.” 

Project Re-Search addressed the problem of mental health issues after the emergence of the bizarre and shocking Blue Whale Challenge that took the media by storm. The Penguin Dads campaign looked at women empowerment from a different angle-- that of fathers who play a crucial role in bringing up their children and share the responsibility with their partners. 

Here’s a look at the three campaigns:

The Progressive Report Card
India doesn’t even feature in the WEF’s list of countries whose children are ready for the jobs of the future. This is because across India’s 1.2ml+ schools, dated thinking has led parents to assume only grades in subjects like maths, sciences and language matter. Excellence in arts, sports or any other subject receives no attention and the child’s interest in it slowly fades. The campaign aims to devise a frugal & scalable solution to remind parents across India’s 1.2+ml schools that every subject matters. 

Schools showcase exam grades to parents through Progress Report Cards during parent-teacher meetings. By changing the way grades are read, the intention was to help change how they’re perceived. The Progressive Report Card is a triumphant redesign of this document (digital + physical) for parents to broaden their view on what constitutes a relevant curriculum. This was done by reorienting grades within a circle, spreading core subjects apart and redistributing attention visually.

Project Re-Search: Beyond The Blue Whale Challenge 
In late 2017, traditional media contributed to sensationalising the ‘Blue Whale Challenge,’ an online game supposedly resulting in suicides among Indian teens. However, India is already seen as the suicide capital of the world and is facing a mental health crisis, courtesy lack of education among the masses. The media, the judiciary and the government were focused on banning the game (a measure repeatedly found to be impractical on the internet) instead of creating the right mental health discourse around it. Google Search was the only platform through which 1.7ml concerned adults were trying to learn more about the game, but were let down by sensational news rising to the top of their search results too. 

By using Google Search and an invested audience (courtesy the Blue Whale Challenge), the agency began Project Re-search: the first scalable self-learning initiative for Indian adults around mental health after the Blue Whale Challenge surfaced. 

Flipkart positions itself as a partner to the progressive Indian. For the agency, the brief was to bring it alive by championing communities who have progressed in their own ways. 

India’s patriarchy begins at home. The agency felt a responsibility to champion the changing dynamics in parenting. Since patriarchy feared both: the woman who did “man things” (working); and the man who might do “woman things” (raise a child), a necessary landmark in India’s feminist movement would be expanding the definition of what it means to be a man. 

#PenguinDad was an identity created for the current generation of working fathers, inspired by the most dedicated father in the animal kingdom- the Male Emperor Penguin. It paved way to tell their stories, showcase their lives, and inspire more. It was the beginning of India’s first large-scale discourse around men & parenting… and proving to patriarchy that feminism had spread over to fathers too.