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Digital Advertising Trends 2017

04 Jan 2018

2017, saw the increasing proliferation of the internet and online channels in our society which lead to birth of more complex and effectivedigital platform that many clients started to leverage. 2017 also saw digital advertising to grow at a break-neck speed with more and more companies starting to realize its potential against the other traditional marketing efforts. 

1) Monetization of Google AMP and Facebook instant articles
2) Flat growth rate for desktop ads- exploding mobile ad revenue
3) Google and Facebook continues to reign-close to 76% growth in digital advertising went to Google and Facebook
4) The rise of programmatic advertising - The IAB predicted that programmatic spending will grow by 70% in 2017
5) More out-stream videos - Out-stream videos proved to be critical to client's success in 2017
6) Chatbots Innovation - the year saw more than 18,000 chatbots developed to help brands offer streamlined, individualized service through chat.
Digital media is ever-evolving and so from the point of where we are at today, in 2018 the digital media will be driven by data, technology and analytics.

From a consumer standpoint, 
1) Explosive growth / adoption of mobile, adoption of programming over the web (Netflix, OTT's), 
2) Evolution of virtual reality based programming, growth of voice based services (amazon echo), monetization of messenger services (WeChat/WhatsApp) are some of the biggest trends which I see happening in 2018

From the brand standpoint,
1) I see the shift will be from acquiring the new customers to retaining existing customers...
2) Brands will shift their social marketing efforts to private messaging apps
3) More than 50% of commercial content will be created outside marketing...

From an agency standpoint,
1) Convergence & Consolidation: Agencies that are ready to offer unified brand ideas, concepts and campaigns and execute them across all digitalplatforms will be best positioned to win the business in 2018
2) Marketing Unification: Marketing and advertising converging into a single experience across channels along with content and media planning continue to be more relevant and essential.
3) Integrated data: Data driven approach has to be a core capability of any leading agency- data integration is both a key capability and a key challenge for all the brands...agencies who are able to solve will have a huge advantage in 2018

As 2018 approaches, there are a number of new marketing trends dignified to make a significant impact on brand marketing strategies. Based on current trends, marketing is likely to become more analytical, and more focused on digital marketing through organic search, voice and social media.Digital disruption is a phrase we've been using for a few years now but in 2018 the impacts of this will be felt even more than ever before.