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Lenskart Promotes New Features in New Campaign

20 Feb 2017

Lenskart, an eyewear company, has launched its latest ad campaign, ‘Specsy is the new Sexy’. Conceptualized by Taproot Dentsu, the campaign features two videos.

The first TVC showcases a young professional sitting and discussing things with his boss. He advises his boss to consult it to other employees when asked about some business deal. The later part shows the entry of another professional wearing the Lenskart specs. He also answers exactly the same thing when asked the same question. But boss is impressed by his words and the ad ends with a voiceover ‘Specsy is the new Sexy’.

  The second TVC opens up in a club where a well-dressed woman is approached by a young, friendly looking young man. He tries to break the ice but gets rebuffed. Just then another young man walks in and goes on to do exactly the same thing but with the opposite results – the girl melts. Once again specs steal the show, “Specsy is the new Sexy”.

The main aim behind this campaign is to position specs as a cool accessory to ones wearing them.

  Speaking on the new campaign, Peyush Bansal, CEO, Lenskart, said, “We wanted to expand the reach and appeal of our products to a larger audience. Gone are the days when spectacles were seen as an unwanted style killer. Today they have emerged as a cool fashion accessory, lending an edge and a signature style to wearers. We wanted to broadcast this idea to the whole world. We at Lenskart, love spectacles and do everything we can to make consumers, who need them, love wearing and buying them. We hope people who need spectacles will no longer feel shy of wearing them. Our brand essence is addictive playfulness and we wanted to bring it alive for our consumers”.

Speaking on the same, Pallavi Chakravarti, Executive Creative Director, Taproot Dentsu, added, “Traditionally, wearing specs has been a bit of a handicap. Chashmish, 4-Eyes, Double Battery and other such nicknames have been given to people with specs and clearly not to flatter them. Today, the tables have turned and as India’s best-known eyewear e-tailer, Lenskart’s new campaign demonstrates why being specsy is actually an advantage, in the brand’s trademark tongue-in-cheek style.”

Also, Apart from its online catalogue, Lenskart has introduced 3D Try On, Home Trials, State of the art precision with robotic lens cutting tech & 3DT and Blue Cut lenses which cut down harmful blue light emitted by all digital devices.