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Isobar Conducts Digital Marketing Workshop for Top B-School Professors

24 Jan 2017

HarperCollins India has rolled out a film that looks to push the message of how books create stories. The film has been conceptualised by Taproot Dentsu.

The film opens with an elderly man travelling in a bus. The man, who seems troubled by something forgets to take his book along as he exits the bus. The book is picked up by a younger man seated in the bus. A lady boards the bus and notices the book in his hand. The man offers the lady the book and hands it over to her. As the lady is glancing through the book, the man who had handed it over to her, gets up from his seat to get off. Since the lady believes he is the owner of the book, she gestures to him to take the book back. He replies with a signal to keep it.

The lady looks confused. As she opens the first page of the book, she Talk of Media and Advertising, and digital seems to be the growing buzzword all around. India’s digital marketing requirement is growing year-on-year due to the shift in the consumer mindsets. Consequently, businesses today see a dire need to effectively reach out to their target audiences through this emerging medium called digital.

  Isobar India, the flagship digital agency from Dentsu Aegis Network, therefore, collaborated with The Forum for Marketing Education to conduct a one day workshop for professors from top B-schools of Mumbai such as NMIMS, K J Somaiya, Durgadevi Saraf Institute of Management Studies, Rizvi Institute of Management and Research and Rustomjee Business School.

The agenda of the workshop was to bring the gentry up-to-speed on what’s driving digital today. Considering it was the first time the Gurus were to have a brush with the Digi-verse, the presentation module prepared by isobar was meticulously designed to cater to that. From holistic approach on the digital landscape to exciting avenues such as TV and mobile, Isobar presented an eclectic mix of trends that are sweeping the globe.Today, the marketing and communication industry is heading towards a massive paradigm shift; and post-graduation education needs to be compatible with the contemporary demand.

Dr. Kalim Khan, director, Rizvi Institute of Management Studies and Research commented on the experience saying, “It is indeed a challenge of a different order when one has to train the trainers. And the entire team of Isobar did a magnificent job at that when they took a one full day workshop for the teachers of Marketing associated to University of Mumbai organized by Forum of Marketing Education. The workshop was exemplary in content, loaded with cases, discussed contemporary practices and examples, extremely engaging and yet simplistic in delivery. Kudos to the Isobar team in ensurvalue-added added workshop to the audience that shall for sure influence the propagation of digital marketing.”

Talking about the association, Shamsuddin Jasani, MD, Isobar India said, “It was an honour working with the best teachers in Management across the best B-Schools in Mumbai. At Isobar India, we look for the overall growth of digital as well as our contribution to the industry to a large extent. Being the leading digital agency in India, we believe that it is our duty to expand digital and making sure that the professors are digitally equipped as we are now in a digital era. We are thankful to The Forum for Marketing Education for associating with us to propagate the digital knowledge”

Well known industry expert, Dr.Ambi Parameswaran said, “Isobar team stepped in to help the Forum for Marketing Education, a non-profit body, dedicated to help improve marketing faculty in Mumbai B Schools, to conduct a very useful workshop on digital marketing. The entire team from Isobar were available for the whole day and the 30+ faculty who attended the session were highly appreciative of the workshop. What was also of great use was the very practical inputs that Team Isobar had for the participants. The Workshop was comprehensive and yet easy to understand. FME is grateful to Isobar for having offered to help in this pro bono initiative.”

Prachi Karan, Associate Media Director, Isobar India gave a synopsis of what’s catching the consumer’s fancy. She mentioned “Display Advertising is no longer just about advertising on Laptops but also it has grown into multi screens – with the consumer.” The intriguing move of advertisers from just TV to TV + Online TV was also unravelled by her. On the other hand, Priyanka Shah brought to fore the unmistakeable transition of consumers to mobile with mobile being their primary screen / device. “Today Mobile Advertising is no longer just about an SMS, or a Call or a Banner. It is about how advertisers are using the platform to tell a story,” she concluded.