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2017: Top OOH Trends

05 Jan 2017

While the last year witnessed trends like intelligent media planning, improving usage of other formats than billboards & etc., 2017 year is expected to grow with the help of consolidated Data, New Experiences, Engagements and integration of Smartphones.

OOH industry has been continuously going through the development phase in which the industry, its working style, fundamentals and dynamics modify every day, month and year. Yesterday, we presented you trends witnessed by the industry in the year of 2016 and going further, brings the expected encouraging trends for India OOH Industry for the year 2017. Read below

Data does the talking

The influx of digital and data has ended the age of anonymity. There will be more data being used for the media planning; contextual targeting will emerge as the next key driver of communication in Out-of-Home.

Staying Relevance is the only need

Today the consumer knows more about brands and is more discreet and discerning about his communication needs. Given this, metamorphosis brands will need to keep exciting the consumer with newer beliefs, variants, features and experiences on a regular basis to stay relevant; the increase in data has decreased the attention span of the consumer and that is the most vital challenge for brands. Therefore, OOH being the pocket-friendly medium offers an opportunity for brands to provide new experiences via the vast nature of the medium.

Engagement is the new necessity  

Just the copy and paste job will no longer be alluring the marketers. Immersive brand experiences will move away from just getting the attention of the consumer for a particular event or engagement to actually getting them involved with the brand in a regular planned manner to build lifetime loyalty.

Smart phones make OOH even smarter

Given that audiences are spending more time out of home that earlier and most of THAT time is being spent on their smart phones in the out of home space, the synergies and possibilities of linking both by a confluence of great ideas is enormous. Integration of Out of Home sites with the phone and giving the consumer more opportunities to interact with the brand will be the key differentiator.

Content always be the King

In spite of having limited time of interface, Content will continue to be the king of OOH medium, especially to connect emotionally with consumers. In the past, numerous campaigns have proved a good copy can be the sole driver of the entire campaign, in 2017 as well it will be the driver of more immersive experiences.

Above insights are the edited excerpts shared by the Haresh Nayak-Regional Director, Posterscope Asia Pacific and Managing Director, Posterscope Group India.