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How a sassy girl called Cemora sold a sexy car called Racemo...

16 Mar 2017

A look at an instagram-heavy marketing effort by Tata Motors and Jack In The Box.

Last week TaMo - Tata Motors' sub-brand, launched Racemo - a two-seater, fully connected, sports coupe at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show.

Meanwhile, in the digital space, Jack in the Box Worldwide, in collaboration with TaMo, launched what the agency calls a 'guerrilla activity' to build intrigue and hype around the launch.

In February, the internet was introduced to a girl named Cemora who set out on a road trip, all by herself. She was a spunky, sassy girl who had no plans, no maps... just adventure on her mind. And that took her to London, Italy, Spain, Romania and Germany.

Cemora Instagrammed the entire journey through pictures, videos and postcards sent to her friends and followers. Over 200 pictures and 7 videos were posted, not to mention the postcards that were sent. These were all shot and produced in partnership with The 120 Media Collective's in-house production company, Sniper.

Nonetheless, where's Racemo in all this, one wonders! Well, that was the challenge for the agency, says Kaizad Pardiwalla, president, Jack in the Box Worldwide - to create pre-launch buzz for the car without revealing its name.

"Our brief was to create tremendous hype and a fan following for the car prior to its launch. However, we couldn't reveal the name of the car, show it, talk about the brand, or even reveal the fact that it was a car. A challenging brief like that deserved an out of the box response. That response was Cemora - a girl who took social media by storm," he says.

But the challenges for the agency were not getting over with just this much. Given that Cemora was just a name, a personality or a voice with no face, it was not easy to give her a personal touch and get users to relate to or engage with her.

"Even if she were a girl, how can anyone just debut on the internet one day and expect to become popular?" quips Pardiwalla, adding that to make this happen, the agency created a backstory for Cemora which was about her India travels. The brand also got leading Indian fashion photographer, Daboo Ratnani to kickstart the campaign. Later, other celebs were also roped in.