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Dentsu Aegis Network creates Motivating Video to celebrate it's No.2 position

17 Feb 2017

Dentsu Aegis Network has announced to have become the no. 2 Agency Network Group in India. The team DAN has created a heart-warming video to celebrate and mark our position in the market.

The video sends out a heartfelt message about the significance of this position and how the best is yet to come.

The video was created with the aim to celebrate the number 2 position and how great feeling was the moment as Dentsu Aegis Network understand that they have so much to be grateful for and so much to look forward to. #2ndPlaceGreatPlace

The video was created in the backdrop of a prize distribution ceremony inside a stadium where the top 3 winners were honoured with medallions. While the second runner-up (No. 3) and the winner (No.1) was seen posing with the metal biting sequences, whereas, the first runner-up (No.2) looks more rejoiced than the others that makes everyone look astonished… Looking at everyone surprised… The No. 2 says “I think this is the fantastic position”…. “Having made it till here…”… “I am so grateful”… “But look… My best yet to come…!!! “ up-on hearing his courageous words filled with the confidence and extreme satisfaction, the entire stadium including the fellow athletes and the chief guest, burst in to clap in acknowledgement and he ends up stealing the show.