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At Adfest 2017, it's Lotus time for McCann and Taproot Dentsu on Day 3

24 Mar 2017

McCann  Worldgroup India fetches Grande Promo Lotus for ‘The Dead Hour’ for Nescafe.  Taproot Dentsu wins two gold Lotus in Promo and Film Craft categories for  ‘Adidas Odds’ and ‘Adidas A Tale of Two’.

McCann Worldgroup India has won Grande Promo Lotus for the  ‘The Dead Hour’ campaign for Nescafe in the Best Use of Film and Radio  Category. Taproot Dentsu won a gold Lotus in Promo for Best New Product  Launch/Re-Launch category for its ‘Adidas Odds’ campaign and another gold Lotus  in Film Craft in script category for ‘Adidas A Tale of Two’.

Adfest 2017 announced Lotus awards winners for the  Interactive, Mobile, Print Craft, Design, Direct, Promo, Press, Outdoor, New  Director and Film Craft Lotus winners today, Day 3 of the 20th Adfest, being  held at Peach, Royal Cliff Hotels Group, in Pattaya, Thailand.

An elated Santosh Padhi, Co-Founder and Chief Creative  Officer, Taproot Dentsu, who was present at the Adfest being held in Pattaya  told, “This is the first set of awards for ‘Adidas Odds’ this  session. Happy to see it winning big already! Adfest is one of the toughest and  oldest Asian award shows. For years they have raised the standard of Asian work  very high, so I'm very happy with our performance this year as well. We have  big hopes in coming shows as well. Apart from the big idea, the execution was  at its best. This campaign is close to my heart for many reasons.”

A delighted Prasoon Joshi, CEO and Chief Creative Officer,  McCann Worldgroup India, said, “It’s special to win the top honour at Adfest. I  am delighted for the entire McCann and Nestle teams who constantly keep working  towards excellence in brand building. Nescafe is a brand very close to us and  it’s been a great journey.”

On McCann getting the highest number of finalists, Joshi  said, “It;s a result of our great creative culture at McCann; our churning of  great ideas tool Manthan has immensely helped all our creative people and  benefited our brands. I am happy that we have been consistently performing at  important awards shows like Adfest.”

52 entries from India were shortlisted altogether.  Thirty-five Indian entries made it as finalists on Day 1. McCann Worldgroup  India had maximum finalists with 16 finalists. BBDO India followed with five  finalists and Taproot Dentsu with four. On Day 2, BBDO India had the maximum  with six finalists, closely followed by Taproot Dentsu with five finalists and  McCann Worldgroup India with three finalists.

The entries were judged by 56 juries invited from twenty  cities in Asia-Pacific and the Middle-East as well as New York.

Expressing his views on this year’s entries,

Chief Creative Officer, Droga5 and Grand Jury President of  Adfest 2017, said, “This year I’ve seen ideas that are going into unchartered  territory in a great way, and innovations that I’m really happy exist in the  world now. It’s been especially fun judging work that emerges from local  insights, yet can be appreciated by people all over the world.”

Promo Lotus received 248 entries. There were 33 awards given  in this category, including 11 Bronze, 15 Silver and 6 Gold, plus a Grande  Lotus award.

Commenting on McCann’s win, Woon Hoh, Direct and Promo Lotus  Jury President and Chief Creative Officer for Hakuhodo Asia Pacific, Bangkok,  commented, “The Grande Lotus winner in Promo used one of the oldest mediums in  the industry and revived it in a most interesting way. Nescafe managed to get  the audience to actively participate in the radio programme at 5.00 AM, a ‘dead  hour’ of the day, to persuade young people to switch from tea to coffee.”

McCann Melbourne picked up two of the six Gold Promo Lotus  Awards for YMCA Victoria ‘YMCA Playnasium’ in both the Experiential and Events  and the Ambient Promotion: Large Scale categories. The remaining three Golds in  the Promo category went to McCann Sydney/DEC PR Sydney for The Hunger Project  Australia ‘A Table to End Hunger’ in Sponsorship and Partnership Campaign  category,  Leo Burnett Melbourne for  Reword ‘Reword’ – Best Use of Social Media category and McCann Melbourne for University  of Melbourne ‘Made Possible by Melbourne’ in the Best Integrated Promo Campaign  category.

For the Film Craft Lotus Awards, there were 287 entries,  with 37 winners in the category, including 15 Bronze, 18 Silver and 4 Gold  Lotus Awards. No Grande Lotus is awarded in the Film Craft category. Other gold  Lotus winners in the category are Clemenger BBDO Melbourne/Finch Sydney for  Transport Accident Commission ‘Consequences” in the Special Effects: In-Camera  category, Hakuhodo Kettle Inc, Tokyo for JMS ‘Hot Drive’ in the Production  Design category, Dentsu Inc./Dash Co for Netflix  Movie (Sword of Destiny) ‘A Quarrel’.

Lotus winners from India at  Day three of Adfest 2017

Category Award Entry Title Entering Company Advertiser Brand
Promo Lotus Best Use in Film and Radio category Grande Promo Lotus The Dead Hour by Nescafe McCann Worldgroup India Nescafe
Promo Lotus for best new product launch/ relaunch Gold Adidas Odds Taproot Dentsu Adidas
Film Craft Lotus in script category Gold Adidas A Tale of Two Taproot Dentsu Adidas