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Bolder, more innovative digital campaigns in 2017: Rajiv Dingra

06 Jan 2017

Rajiv Dingra, Founder and CEO, WatConsult, writes about what has him most excited about Digital & Social Media in 2017, as well as what could put a spanner to the work. 

Digital has now become on par with TV when it comes to boardroom discussions. While budgets may still take time to shift, what is exciting is that Digital is now the No. 1 item discussed at marketing meets. CEOs and CMOs are demanding digital strategy and this push from the top is ensuring that greater focus and bigger budgets than before are aligned to the digital medium. 

What this, in turn, is expected to do is we shall see bolder and more innovative digital and social campaigns in 2017, which definitely is something to watch for. 

Another thing that is expected in 2017 is clients integrating commerce with their communication. With demonetisation and digital payments getting huge push, it is only likely that many brands shall relook at the e-commerce strategies and shall plan for growth in this area. 

The dampener 

I think in the shorter-term, sentiment and budget cuts due to demonetisation could have an effect on digital and social media, but from the early signs it looks like the impact shall be limited.