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Role reversal of parents and kid in Protinex Grow ad

17 Mar 2017

The campaign  has been conceptualised by Taproot Dentsu to educate parents about the  importance of protein in their kids’ second growth spurt between the age of 8  and 15 years

Protinex Grow has come out with a campaign to educate  parents about the importance of protein in their kids’ second growth spurt. The  campaign is conceptualised by Taproot Dentsu.

The health drink category is a crowded one, with dominant  penetration existing in households. Prominent players like Horlicks, Bournvita  and Complan stand as stiff competition on all fronts, from sensorials (taste  variants) to compelling communication platforms.

So as a brand, Protinex didn’t just want to advertise  Protinex Grow, but also sought to educate parents about their children’s second  growth spurt i.e. between the age of eight and 15, during which children  complete 80 per cent of their growth. Conveying this in an entertaining manner,  on television and other media, was the goal the brand wanted to achieve with this  campaign.

Speaking about the campaign, Pallavi Chakravarti, Executive  Creative Director, Taproot Dentsu, said, "Not many know that kids have two  growth spurts. But everyone knows that parents are prone to lecturing their  kids on ‘growing up’ every now and then. We decided to switch the roles of  parents and children in this campaign, and put the elders at the receiving end.  So it is the kid who tells her parents that they better pull up their socks and  make sure she gets the protein she needs. Because it is her last chance to grow  after all. The idea was to deliver a lot of important information, but to do it  in an endearing, light-hearted way.”

We have all been there. Coming home with a bad report card  and being admonished by parents for lagging behind. Protein is a subject in  which parents lag behind. So, the idea was to turn the tables and give them a  dose of their own medicine through their children.

Himanshu Bakshi, Marketing Director, Life Nutrition at  Danone Nutricia, said, "Health food drinks in India is a well-established  category driven by multiple historic brands. However, no player owns a  proprietary 'protein story' for growing up kids. We, as the protein experts,  are driven by the purpose to empower Indian families to live fuller and happier  lives for every member. We are now in an endeavour to educate mothers on the  role of protein during second and the last growth spurt (eight-15years) in  their child's life. Protinex Grow is specially formulated for this critical  second growth spurt with 50 per cent more protein than leading health drinks.  Our 360 degree marketing campaign through all its levers will communicate with  the parents and kids in an endearing yet educative manner.”

Bakshi further said, “Taproot Dentsu team has been the  creative brain behind this campaign right from inception. We are very confident  of the output and overall marketing mix for Protinex Grow.”

The TVC:



Creative agency: Taproot Dentsu

Production House: Oink Films

Director: Shirsha Guhathakurta