Industry POV iProspect India's Rubeena Singh shares her Focus points for 2020!

22 Jan 2020 spoke to Rubeena Singh, CEO, iProspect India to understand the top 5 focus areas for the agency in 2020. Please scroll down to read more or click on the link below:

Rubeena Singh

iProspect India’s raison d’être is creating innovative data-driven tech-enabled solutions for its clients. In 2019, they launched the iProspect Solution Labs and strengthened the Intelligent Content solution. These tech and content offerings have helped our clients reach their TG in a more personalised manner and improved their business performance in the dynamic and complex digital marketing ecosystem.

Apart from this, iProspect has invested heavily on talent by curating special mentoring programmes to help its human capital adapt to the ever-changing digital ecosystem and to be ready as future leaders.

Rubeena Singh, CEO iProspect India, shares her Focus points for 2020!

Data & Technology

Data is the new oil. This phrase stands truer today. By collecting the right data from different sources and running ML (machine learning) programs to analyse it, we can identify high performing micro-segments and create personalised experiences for potential customers. With the help of technology solutions at iP Solution Labs, we can bring in efficiencies to our clients’ digital marketing spends.


Voice has become big in India. And yet voice-based applications are the most underrated area of digital marketing. We recently launched iProspect Voice Assist (iVA) to help our clients stay updated on campaign performance real-time and help them make better decisions.

While it is still early days, the initial feedback from clients has been very positive. We will continue to add more functionalities to this technology.

India is a very large market where the bulk of the consumers speak in different languages and have varied literacy levels. Voice marketing has a long way to go and should provide the early movers with an edge to their marketing efforts.

Content Marketing

I believe content marketing can help brands take control of the conversation by leveraging consumer intent to create content experiences that drive audience engagement and commercial success. With almost everyone being a content creator today, to standout, a brand needs to create interesting content consistently as well as stay relevant to its core audience.

The focus should be on developing data-infused creatives for rich personalised experiences for real people. Brands also need to be agile in the production of content. iProspect’s Intelligent Content helps clients Identify the right audience – using search data at the forefront of user intent, combined with proprietary data, social media data, third-party data and competitive analysis.

Create content that is engaging and relevant – from quick and effective copywriting to video, commerce-driven product description or publisher-quality printed editorial. We create content that’s right for a brands’ audience, right for publishers, and optimised for platforms.

Measure outcomes – By rigorous tagging, analytics setup, social listening and attribution modelling to build custom content analytics, can prove the real ROI of content.

Integrated approach

It’s a highly digital and integrated world and business owners are trying to succeed with their brands, products. Hence, services need to adopt similar digital and integrated strategies to make a real difference in this highly competitive new arena.

Today consumers want integrated brand experiences, they want to explore different touchpoints before they decide to buy. Integrated marketing can help marketers understand customer behaviour, touchpoints and CLV far better and deliver better experiences to the customer and higher ROI on the marketing efforts.

Technology will add a lot of efficiencies and streamline human resource allocation; more so in the case of routine repeat tasks which are increasingly being done far more efficiently by using technology. Organisations will have to allocate human resources towards increasingly more complex tasks that require judgement and estimate. HR departments will need to focus on upskilling human resources to manage this transition properly.

At iProspect, we have already begun this journey having automated our reporting and alert systems using proprietary tools iAnalyse and iProspect Voice Assistant. We are also focusing on upskilling our teams under the iLead program.

Inclusion and Diversity

Diversity fosters a more creative and innovative workforce. In India, women form 50% of the population. However, only a small section of this enters the workforce and it further shrinks as we go higher in the leadership pyramid.

iProspect across the globe has women at leadership roles and we firmly believe in investing in our talent. Programmes like Female Foundry and Women@iProspect are a step towards that and will go a long way in creating inclusion as well as diversification in the industry.