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Dentsu Media's Divya Karani conferred with Women Leadership Award

17 Mar 2017

Divya Karani, CEO, Dentsu  Media, has been conferred the Women Leadership Award by the World Women  Leadership Congress.

The Women Leadership Award  recognizes and appreciates the profound role played by women as leaders,  executioners, and decision makers, in shaping the future of the region and  nation, and who embody the qualities of leadership in displaying active,  creative, and integrative efforts in achieving the best possible results in the  national and regional development plans.

The honour has been conferred  amongst women across Asia ME and Africa. They have been recognized for their  leadership qualities not just in the corporate world but also for their  contribution to the society. They were selected by a panel of independent  judges. It was an interesting array of women who were presented the awards  including the one who had run for the presidency in Afghanistan!