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Five ways how Facebook moves your business on mobile - Ashish Bhasin


Identify marketing, select target audience, get the right creative, measurement and constant innovation are the ways forward

A recently concluded session by Facebook on ‘Mobile moves businesses’ touched upon how one could use a set of tools that the internet giant provides and actually generate sales. A lot of success stories are out there, but if you want to be successful, here are five takeaways on using the model:

1) The first step is to identify the marketing goal. Things get a lot easier once you know what you want to achieve. What are the KPIs you want to drive? What are the key changes you need to make and so on.

2) The next step includes your target audience. Facebook has 166 million monthly active users. This target audience can be customised as per the brand’s specification. The above figure is only for India. The platform has over 1.8 billion users globally.

3) After identifying the target audience, one has to get the right creative. One digital, one creative model doesn’t work today. Multiple creatives need to be there and they need to be targeted using programmatic. That is how Snapdeal’s Unbox Zindagi did on the digital platform. In many ways, they went digital and using Facebook worked brilliantly for them.

4) Once you have got the creative right, you need to make sure it is being optimised. You will also have to keep a track on how the creative is performing. Actual sales will tell the brand how the creative is performing. Likes, shares and comments are one form of measurement, but at the end of the day the brand has to get a transaction from the consumer. Facebook targets the creative to right audience to drive sales for the brand. It also provides them with relevant metrics.

5) The last point is to constantly keep innovating. We are already living mobile, video ads exist, and we are experiencing it. It looks like the future, but is the present. Mobile needs to be different, hence broadcast or digital ads cannot be slapped on mobile. Mobile is a very private device and giving a unique experience to every user is a marketer’s goal. Facebook allows a brand to be as creative as it wants with advertising tools like video ads, photo ads, carousel ads, canvas and slideshows.

It is said that digital spends will grow from 14 per cent to 40 per cent by 2020. But with the kind of growth rate India is seeing, nearly all spends might be digital by 2020. All mediums are already going digital. Digital is not another medium for advertisers, it is an enabler for all existing mediums.

With digital spends, mobile will also grow. A business must be on mobile today to be a successful model. Online players are going offline for the experience, but the sales eventually take place from the offline ‘experience centre’ and that is what brands will continue to do – drive mobile transactions.

(The key takeaways were given in a panel discussion. The panel was hosted by Umang Bedi, MD, Facebook India, with panellists including Ashish Bhasin, Chairman and CEO, Dentsu Aegis Network, South Asia, Siddharth Banerjee, SVP, Marketing, Vodafone and Kanika Kalra, VP, Marketing, Snapdeal).