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Fastrack says 'Shut The Fake Up' on social media in Happy mcgarrybowen India's new campaign

07 Feb 2018

Long before Indian fashion brands jumped on the 'edgy' wagon, Fastrack was leading the charge with unfettered stances on youth and life. Known to break stereotypes, in its new campaign, Fastrack yet again bears the flag of defiant thought for the youth and by default, the future.

Social Media usage today is a bane more than it's a boon. Dropping a filter to look better. Hashtags for the sake of using them. Stories, stickers, emojis... all for a little bit of fame. Fastrack's new campaign holds a mirror up to today's youth, with a light-hearted take on social media usage.

Brought to life in the film by Happy mcgarrybowen, Fastrack cements this very philosophy. Whatever be your stance on Social Media, all that is asked of you is to keep it real - online and offline.
Suparna Mitra, Chief Marketing Officer at Titan said, "Following our tradition of being in tune with the language of the youth, this campaign fits in, seamlessly. Fastrack has always spoken the language of the youth and this TVC is no exception. Set in a relevant background, the film represents many quintessential elements to today's youngster; from a simple chat, to actually meeting the person. The TVC borrows from the archetypal 'boy meets girl' narrative and showcases two versions of your life - with and without Fastrack."
Ayushman Chiranewala, Head of Marketing, Fastrack added, "Fastrack being a young brand has always been the candid voice for the millennial generation. The brand has always stayed true to being unapologetic and bold in its communication. The new 'Shut the Fake Up' campaign is testament to the brand's longstanding philosophy of being true to yourself and breaking status quo. As part of the larger campaign, the brand looks to ignite amongst its audience the thought of living their lives on their own accord, and we at Fastrack celebrate this individuality."
Today's youth have everything that the world has to offer. From Facebook to Twitter and Snapchat to Instagram, there is nothing too obscure for this generation. "Shut the Fake Up" is Fastrack's appeal to its audience to break free from the social façade.

Narrated at breakneck pace, the commercial holds up a mirror to present-day behaviour on Social Media that glorifies putting on a show for adulation. Taking pictures of food, or dressing up for the attention - a tireless display of oneself online, to fake an identity that barely matches one's real-world self. A story told in two parts, it contrasts two ways of approaching courtship. One by hiding behind the facade of Social Media currency and the other though sheer, honest self-expression.
Kartik Iyer, Chief Executive Officer, Happy mcgarrybowen, said, "We live in over-connected times. At times way more than required, if you observe the fake personas people create around themselves succumbing to the social pressure. A huge part of the youth is already talking about taking a break from Social Media - a digital detox. We found a huge opportunity here to reflect on how today's youth are seeking more authentic experiences and feeling no fear in baring their real selves. Who else but Fastrack to call this out and bring attention back to what the youth really cares about - real interactions and appreciation. We felt it was the perfect space for Fastrack to stand up and own, in its own inimitable fashion."
The campaign is being run on television along with extensive engagements on Social Media. Lowe Lintas, Bangalore, continues to manage the brand's creative duties.
Credits -
CEO: Kartik Iyer
COO: Samarjit Choudhry
Creative Director - Copy: Vijay Joy
Associate Creative Director - Copy: Pranav Karnad
Group Creative Controller - Art: Ajeesh TA
Associate Vice President: Ameya Lokhande
Account Director: Siddharth Sharma
Creative Producer: Siddharth Vaidyanathan
Production House: Nirvana Films
Director: Kishore Iyyar
Producer: Manjeet Bawa
Client: Titan Company Limited
CMO (watches & accessories): Suparna Mitra
Marketing Head, Fastrack: Ayushman Chiranewala
Brand Manager, Fastrack: Pooja Sharma
Brand Executive, Fastrack: Alok Kamath